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Premium Reds 3 Pack

Premium Reds 3 Pack

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Perfect for red wine lovers.

In this pack:
1 bottle each of our top-level wines. 3 bottles total.


2017 Tempranillo Maduro

It's as soft and smooth as a bottle full of silk. On the nose are dark cherries coupled with the warm, spicy scent of wood spice. On the tongue, it's black plums that embody a robustness you might find in a hefty leather coat that wears you like it's been wearing you your entire life.
Paso Robles, CA, SIP Certified Sustainable


2017 Grenache

Densely packed aromas of dark cherries, hibiscus, mints and marjoram. Once the glass has moved from the nose to the lips, it's cherries, cherries and more cherries. And, perhaps, if you're wildly receptive, notes of black raspberry and white-pepper spice. Divine.
Edna Valley, CA, SIP Certified Sustainable


2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

Red. But, more red than red. Ruby red. Garnet red. Red like you're staring into the eye of a gem. Lean in, gems shouldn't smell this decadent. Cola. Vanilla. Mocha. Is that, leather? Lean in, gems shouldn't taste this rich. Round. Robust. Full. As if you're biting into a red fruit whose genius you can't place a finger on. Don't try. Keep sipping.
Paso Robles, CA

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