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A tiny (but mighty) winery making damn good wine.

Croma Vera is a lovely little winery on the Central Coast of California whipping up small-batch Spanish-inspired wine, 150 cases at a time.

Mindy examining the ripening grape clusters.

Kisses from Spain, bottled.

Spanish grapes like Tempranillo, Albariño and Garnacha flourish here on the Central Coast of California. And, being that we believe that wine is only as good as the grapes it is crafted from, we craft entirely with these grape varieties.


PSA: Small batch doesn't mean...

“Small batch” doesn’t mean selling a-half-a-million bottles of machine-harvested cough syrup and then slapping an $11 price tag on it and calling it a day. “Small batch” means caring a whole lot about every single grape that goes into the barrel and eventually into the bottle you’ll be uncorking with the people that mean the absolute world to you…

Hand crushing grape clusters

150 cases, never any more.

Small batch wine means being wildly meticulous about the quality and the sourcing of every single grape that goes into the barrel, so meticulous that this quality becomes limited, forcing a limited production.

Here at Croma Vera we never craft more than 150 cases of any one wine. Why? Because any more than this and we’d have to drop the quality.

Your email address = free glass of wine.

In exchange for your precious email address, we’ll gift you 20% off your first order with us. And, being that there are five glasses in a bottle of wine, we’re essentially giving you a free glass of wine.

Sip with Monet.

Monet is a collective of wine lovers who sip Croma Vera, regularly, and at special pricing.