Winemaking Principles

Owner, Mindy Oliver, and Winemaker, Jeremy Leffert, aim to be stewards rather than interventionists when it comes to winemaking. Fermentation and cellar practices are governed by vintage and variety rather than protocol.

Mindy and Jeremy select fruit from attentive, quality-focused growers with unique properties suited for the varieties they craft. They work closely with these growers throughout the season to ensure the grapes are farmed and hand-picked to their specifications.

Dedication and attention to detail in the vineyard allow for the wines to express their sense of place. 

White wines are whole-cluster pressed and fermented extremely cold to aid in the preservation of aromatic and flavor compounds that could otherwise be lost.

Red wines are cluster-sorted, and cold soaked for two to six days prior to fermentation. Fermentations are carefully monitored so as not to over-extract. The reds are pressed off, settled, and racked to barrel for 12 to 18 months. Barrel coopers and toasts are selected to complement the vineyards. The reds are aged on fine lees in a reductive state, with minimal oxygen contact until final blending and bottling.

Wines are fermented to dryness producing wines with very low residual sugar ranging between .01 and .60 grams per liter. All of Croma Vera's wines are 100% vegan with only the minimal sulfur needed to maintain the quality and stability of the wine.


Winemaker, Jeremy Leffert and Owner, Mindy Oliver