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Our Story

Croma Vera = True Colors [Loose Latin translation]

We work with a handful of top vineyards to source the very best grapes on the Central Coast of California. At every step, we take great care to harness the maximum potential of each grape variety and vineyard.

Specializing in Spanish varietals such as Albariño and Tempranillo, Croma Vera was founded in 2015 by Mindy Oliver. Our name Croma Vera is Latin for True Colors. We guide meticulously-farmed grapes with minimal intervention, allowing each vineyard to reveal its true, unique colors. The name also reflects Mindy's artistic background, beginning her career as an illustrator and transitioning to graphic design. With experience, creativity and science as our guides, we shape the wine into a work of art.

June 2011

Mindy Relocates to San Luis Obispo

Mindy, her husband and their two sons move from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo.


Mindy Studies the Wine Industry

Mindy takes courses at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, meets with other winemakers, and creates a draft business plan.

July 2014

Mindy Experiments with Winemaking

Mindy joins a group winemaking program and produces wine at The Workshop while also making wine at home.

September 2014

Revelation and Inspiration

Mindy's childhood friend passes from cancer. Mindy realizes now is the time to begin her dream of starting a winery and names her first blend, Revelación, after this revelation.

January 2015

Croma Vera is Born!

Mindy leaves her 20+ year career in graphic design and starts Croma Vera. Mindy designs the logo and website.

February 2015

Jeremy Leffert joins as Winemaker

Jeremy shares a passion for Spanish varietals and exceptional quality which form the foundation of Croma Vera.

Fall 2015

First Harvest

The first grapes are harvested for our our very first vintage, 2015.