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San Luis Obispo Urban Wine Trail

A growing number of wine bars, shops & wineries have located in downtown San Luis Obispo. These are often referred to as the San Luis Obispo Urban Wine Trail, which differentiates these locations from the more traditional expansive vineyards of the Edna Valley's wineries outside of the downtown area.

Since the end of the pandemic, downtown San Luis Obispo has seen a revitalization of wine bars, wine shops, and urban tasting rooms. This is partly a result of several new upscale hotels (Hotel Cerro, Hotel San Luis Obispo, Granada Hotel), and the 2022 recognition of the San Luis Obispo Coast as America's newest Viticultural Area (AVA). If you're visiting or staying in San Luis Obispo, here's your urban wine trail.

Many of these establishments are also family-owned and operated small businesses. Your patronage helps support a strong local community and the growth of these small businesses.

These are a few of the wine bars, shops and wineries: Region Wine Bar, Central Coast Wines, Ragtag Wine Co, Saints Barrel Wine Bar, Park 1039, Dunites Wine Company, Croma Vera Wines, Stephen Ross Wine Cellars, Deovlet Wines, El Lugar, Filipponi Ranch, and WineSneak.

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