MarFarm Vineyard

SIP Certified Sustainability in Practice
Edna Valley, California
Grape variety sourced: Albariño
Soil type: stoney chert (sedimentary rock)
SIP Certified Sustainable Vineyard


Five miles from the Pacific Ocean, MarFarm Vineyard, formerly known as Hamish Marshall Vineyard, is located in the center of Edna Valley's rolling hills and surrounded by ancient volcanic peaks known as morros.

Our Albariño is grown in a sheltered spot on the ranch where cool air pools, resulting in day time highs approximately 5-10F cooler than other areas in the Edna Valley. The estery expression found in this Albariño is an attribute that we love in the grape varietal.

It is about a mile as the crow flies from Morro View Vineyard, where we source our Grenache.

Albariño from Hamish Marshall Vineyard
Edna Valley AVA map