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Storing, Drinking and Selecting Wine for a Travel Trailer

Source: TrailNetizen - Travel Smart. Live Better. After a day hiking you come back to your trailer, open up a bottle of wine only to find out that it’s too warm, or worse, spoiled because it’s been sitting i...

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Harvested Tempranillo Clusters
San Luis Obispo Tempranillo Trail

Tempranillo is a black grape variety widely grown in Spain to make full-bodied red wines. The name, Tempranillo, comes from the Spanish word for early, temprano, a reference to the fact that the Tempranillo ...

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Tempranillo grape clusters
How do you pronounce Tempranillo and Albariño?

We often get asked how to pronounce the names of these grapes. Tempranillo and Albariño are grape varieties that are native to Spain but are also widely grown in the United States. Here's how to pronounce th...

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