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2017 Tempranillo Maduro

2017 Tempranillo Maduro

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83% Tempranillo
Pomar Junction Vineyard, SIP Certified Sustainable
El Pomar, Paso Robles, CA

13% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Petite Sirah
Plummer Vineyard
Estrella, Paso Robles, CA

Aged in 17% new French, 17% new American, 20% 2nd fill French, 20% 2nd fill American oak barrels for 16 months.

Harvested 9/28/2017
3.91 pH, 6.0 g/L TA, 0.41 g/L residual sugar
13.9% alcohol
142 cases produced
750 ml

Underneath the cork.

It's as soft and smooth as a bottle full of silk, tasting like a red but drinking like a white. We call that having your cake and eating it, too. On the nose, it's dark cherries coupled with the warm, spicy scent of wood spice. On the tongue, it's black plums that embody a robustness you might find in a hefty leather coat that wears you like it's been wearing you your entire life. Drink it alone. Drink it with someone. Or, drink it with something good and rich. Think: Pizza, pork tenderloin or a rich, savory French Cassoulet.


An Ode to Our Tempranillo

"It's a great rarity when you can have your cake and eat it too. This is what I'd tell her, again and again. But, you see, she was the kind of woman that didn't like to choose. Scratch that. She was the kind of woman that refused to choose. She was exactly as Charles Bukowski wrote once upon a time, "I wanted the whole world or nothing". This was her. She wanted it all or she wanted nothing at all. I've forever wondered: why is it that we can't keep our eyes off of people like this? They have this gravitational pull about them as if they're the world's sun, as if they're the room's centerpiece. We watch them with breaths held, as if we're existing underwater, waiting, just waiting, to see what they'll do next; to witness their outright refusal for the mundane and their almost reckless chase for everything it is that they want. People like this live forever or they burnout as quickly as a shooting star. I haven't seen her for a good many years but I'm cheersing this Tempranillo Maduro to her because, like her, it's one of those great rarities when you can have your cake and eat it, too. You see, this Tempranillo is a red that drinks with the silky softness of a white and I can't keep my eyes, my nose and my mouth off of it..."

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